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“I'll fight for affordable and available health care, for a better local economy and, as the product of a struggling middle class family in Painesville and a Navy combat veteran, the only marching orders I take will be from the hard working people of Northeast Ohio.” 



Why I'm Running

I'm running because I know it’s time to put Northeastern Ohio families ahead of Wall Street, big corporations, and special interests.


I  will work to improve our economy and bring good paying jobs back to our community — the kind you can raise a family on. Regular people shouldn’t be an accident away from economic disaster.  That's why I will fight for quality health care that is available, affordable, and universal. 


But most of all, I'm running for Congress because I'm a product of a struggling middle class family in Painesville, Ohio, and it's time somebody put us first. 


Ohioans deserve a representative who understands them, who can speak for them, and who will fight for them and their needs. And Toro will never stop fighting for Ohio.


"I flew twelve combat missions over Iraq. Faced enemy fire. I did it to protect Americans. Not big corporate donors, like drug and insurance companies who are getting rich while we have higher healthcare costs and job insecurity."

-Hillary O'Connor Mueri


Democracy Needs Your Voice


As we conclude one of the most politically tumultuous and divisive periods in American history, we're calling on you to make your voice heard for the future of our state and nation.

Click below to find important information about casting your vote this November.

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