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Democratic Candidate and Navy Veteran Hillary O’Connor Mueri, Call Sign “Toro,” Receives More Votes Than GOP Opponent David Joyce in Primary



Hillary garners more support than incumbent David Joyce in the Ohio Primary


A sign of her campaign’s strength, Hillary O’Connor Mueri, former Naval Flight Officer, combat veteran, and Ohio native, received over 4,000 votes more than Republican incumbent David Joyce in the Ohio primary election.


“I am proud to have received more votes than DC Congressman David Joyce. As an Ohio native from a working class family, I know the challenges facing hardworking families every day. David Joyce simply doesn't. And as a combat veteran, I’ll make the commitment to each and every family in our region - I'll never leave you behind,” said Hillary O’Connor Mueri. 


Democrats in Ohio’s 14th Congressional District are energized, and stand with Hillary.  Despite voting changes due to COVID-19, Democratic turnout increased by 27% from 2018, while Republican turnout remained consistent, and Hillary earned 45,934 votes to Joyce’s 41,902.


Joyce’s constituents are looking for new representation. 17% of Republican Primary voters voted against Joyce, demonstrating a disconnect between Joyce and his constituents. When you don’t represent the working families of Ohio, people notice.


About Hillary: 


Navy Veteran Hillary O’Connor Mueri, call sign “Toro,” grew up in Painesville, Ohio. Her mom was a  schoolteacher, her father was a welder--both proud union members.  When she was a child, Hillary's family experienced first-hand the impact of Ohio’s changing economy: her father was laid off from his job at General Motors at Coit Road when the plant closed. She has lived the economic insecurity many families in Ohio face, and she feels, bone-deep, its effect on Ohio communities.  


Hillary began taking classes at Lake Erie College while still in high school, then later studied Aviation Engineering at THE Ohio State University.  There, Hillary quickly realized she didn’t want to just design fighter aircraft, she wanted to fly them.  She trained for the Navy’s physical readiness test and joined ROTC.


The Navy lifted the ban on women flying in combat in 1993.  Beginning flight school in 1999, Hillary was in one of the first generations of women flight officers trained from the ground up to fly in combat.  A Naval Flight Officer, Hillary flew F-14s, F/A-18s, and F-16s for the U.S. Navy, including 12 combat missions in Tomcats over Iraq.  She braved anti-aircraft artillery fire in order to provide close air support to imperiled ground troops.  


After her military service, Hillary earned her law degree and was hired by one of the nation’s biggest law firms.  With her engineering background and countless hours in a cockpit, she was a natural for solving problems within the aviation industry.  She focused her practice on aviation product liability litigation, determining how mishaps occur, and how to prevent them in the future.  True to her values, she also dedicated herself to pro bono work and sought justice for folks in need.  With these experiences in mind, Hillary knows that the problems Ohioans face can be solved, and families’ lives can be made more economically secure through a combination of relentless determination and common sense — of which she has no shortage.   


Hillary is running for Congress because she is a product of a struggling middle-class family in Painesville, Ohio, and it's time somebody put families like that first.  Ohioans deserve a representative who understands us, who can speak for us, and who will fight for us and our future.  Toro will never stop fighting for Ohio.



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